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The press release goes like this:

It started with a kiss tweet – 1. UX Camp Hamburg to be held on 18 August Living in Hamburg, why should you have to go to Berlin or even London to attend a UX Camp when one of Germany’s largest User Experience communities is based in the Elbe metropolis? It was this discussion on Twitter late last year that gave birth to the idea of holding the first UX Camp Hamburg. Fast forward nine months and tweet turns to reality: On 18 August the first User Experience Camp Hamburg will take place on the premises of location sponsor SinnerSchrader.

The concept for the logo of the user experience camp plays with the notions of iterations, wireframes, and diagrams. Combined with the typical bar camp identity of a flame tilted to its side, our logo is immediately communicating its underlying concept of an un-conference. User experience professionals connect to the brand through common iconic symbols. The overall look and feel of the one-pager-website is kept neutral to underline the character of UX as the basis for creation. Common symbols, such as the ubiquitous post-it note, are utilised as backdrop for sketches and as extended colour scheme within the corporate identity of the UX Camp.

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